Questions about Counseling? 

What is COunseling LIke?

Counseling is a collaborative.  Together we will work in unearthing what problems have been causing difficulties in your ability to navigate challenges.  In my practice, I seek to empower and understand you, knowing that you come to therapy with numerous strengths you can draw upon.  In most cases, we will meet weekly, though some clients prefer to meet more or less often depending on circumstances.

How will we work together?

As a psychodynamic therapist, I am interested in helping you not just work on the immediate thoughts and feelings you are experiencing, but also what brings meaning and purpose to your life.  Together we will explore deeply both the pleasant and unpleasant emotions, patterns that characterize your life and relationships, past or current traumas, and relationships.  This work is an investment in yourself, and will strengthen your ability to understand yourself, face challenges and sustain meaningful relationships.

What Kind of People do you work with?

Therapy is for everyone!  I have experience working with people ranging in age from young adult to senior with a variety of gender identities, sexual orientations and racial identities.  I can work with both individuals and couples.  Even if you have never entered therapy before, I will help you to understand how we might work together in order to improve your experience of life.



    What Kind of Issues Do you help with?

    In therapy, we can address any issues that are blocking your ability to feel healthy and whole.  I am both interested in and have experience working with issues like: 

    • Anxiety and Depression
    • Religious/Spiritual Concerns or Traumas
    • Difficulties with boundaries in work or intimate relationships
    • Grief and Loss
    • Questions about sexual and gender identity
    • Parenting, Marital and Relational Concerns
    • Career Difficulties
    • Life Transitions
    • Communication Issues within a Couple 

    Do you offer groups or other trainings?

    I am always open to speaking or offering other groups as needed.  I have extensive workshop experience as well as adult education experience.  Please contact me for further information.